Vibrant Summer Colours (Written on behalf of Planet Zeus PR Agency)

Written for Real Stone and Tile’s online blog – available here.

With summer season upon us, Real Stone and Tile have become very accustomed to vibrant colour schemes. The use of bold décor in your home should make a statement without being overpowering, and ultimately, should add to its character. When it comes to injecting bright colours, it can be difficult to know where to begin; most notably, which room to choose. The bedroom and the lounge are often an obvious choice, however we believe that bathrooms also look incredible in colour. You may find this statement a little extreme but trust that there is method in our madness.

Choosing a lively colour for your bathroom works incredible well, setting your house apart from the millions of traditional styles with neutral colours. You would be very surprised how many colour schemes work in this part of the house so don’t be afraid to experiment. Take a look at our bathroom suites in a duck-egg blue (above) and a vibrant plum (below), which both work incredibly well for making a statement and creating an illusion of space.


Tiling is also a very effective way to add your colour to your home, particularly if you are a little unsure, since you can tile an area as big or as small as you feel comfortable with. The Megalos Range by Dune, available now, has some very simple tiles if you want to ensure your choice is vivacious but remains elegant. Equally, the range also has some brilliant retro-looking patterned tiles for those looking to be a little more daring.

colours 4
Cosmopolitan Purple
Red Pad
colours 5
colours 6

Adding colour to your bathroom can be a very daunting task. However contemporary bathroom suites are often all white and very simple making them the perfect blank canvas to showcase your artistry. Adding a pop of colour will offer that extra pizazz that gets all of the guests talking and makes your friends very jealous. A colourful bathroom is the perfect way to update your house without changing the entire décor scheme so what are you waiting for? Get searching for your colourful bathroom today by visiting our Cheadle showroom.

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