Appreciating the work of others… (Written on behalf of Planet Zeus PR Agency)

It’s safe to say that there have been some incredible campaigns in recent months with many brands forging successful integrated marketing strategies that have enabled their company to flourish. Marketing your brand through a wide range of mediums is essential to reach a varied and interested audience in which to sell your products. Here are some recent campaigns that have inspired us with their creativity and innovation.

Comfort UK – The Secret Life of Clothes Campaign

secret life of clothes screenshot

Comfort has everybody hooked with their imaginative new campaign, showcasing how the quality of the product is so exceptional that the “intense freshness brings your clothes to life.” The first TV advertisement aired in January and has proven to be a great way to modernise the brand and reach a varied audience. This was then followed by an extensive digital campaign with its website allowing you to “meet the clothes.” This element of the campaign was humorous and allowed the audience to get involved with the campaign however, Comfort also remained focused on the products that they were selling. For example, writing that Donna [the dress] had been on a permanent high since the new comfort bottle had arrived in the house.

meet lefty and righty

Comfort was able to continue pushing this campaign on its various social media platforms and used this to engage with its audience and to remain relevant. For example, using hashtags such as #FridayFeeling #MondayMotivation and #ValentinesDay, which were likely to trend on the day in which the tweets were posted, was a brilliant tactic to try and make sure that the new Comfort campaign was a topic of discussion.

Through such an exciting campaign, Comfort were able to reinvent themselves as a brand synonymous with fun, humour and imagination.

comfort intense range

Dreams – What Dreams are Made of Campaign

Bed specialist brand Dreams unveiled its new campaign last month. At the forefront of this campaign was the company wanting to showcase its UK manufacturing credentials in the aftermath of Brexit. Marketing and Ecommerce Director, Lisa Bond commented on the website, saying:

“The company is now in a place where we can offer British made products from our own factory and we wanted to shout this from the rooftops.”

dreams new campaign headline


The brand continued to prioritise this theme for the television advertisement, which aired for the first time in April. British actress Caroline Quentin offered the narration while Amber Leigh Irish sang a cover of Dreams by the Cranberry’s. The advert features a sleeping couple making the journey from a Dreams factory to their home atop a Dreams mattress, under the care of the company’s factory staff and delivery drivers; this highlights the new slogan ‘made with care, handled with care, delivered with care. That’s what Dreams are made of.’

dreams new slogan

Further to this, Amber Leigh Irish’s cover of the classic Cranberry’s track has been released as a single, with Dreams donating all of their proceedings to charity. The brand has successfully used their social media platforms to make the wider audience aware of this in a bid to raise as much money as possible for their chosen charity, The Fostering Network.


A great campaign that helps a worthy cause, utter genius!


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