My Travel Bucketlist

I’ve never really been one for the whole traveller/gap year vibe. I love the idea in theory, but in practice I just don’t believe it would work for me. I love going on holiday (I mean, who doesn’t?) but after two weeks, I am usually ready to come home, back to routine and my home comforts. What I also seem to find when I go away is that I miss working, which i’m sure most people would find ridiculous, but for me there is nothing more satisfying that knowing that I’m working towards my goals, both in my career and in life more generally.

However, this does not mean that I don’t have a travel bucket-list; I do and I update it regularly. It merely means I want to visit these glorious places sporadically and in my own time, and so my current bucket-list looks like this:

The Bahamas – There are several places in the Caribbean that I would love to visit, but The Bahamas is the ultimate paradise in my eyes. My desire to visit this island stems from my love for a Mary-Kate and Ashley film when I was 10 years old. Ever since that day I have dreamt of staying at the Atlantis Resort and experiencing true luxury with my other half. Ah, one day i’ll get there.


Buenos Aires- I would love to go to the Argentinian capital; a city known for its varied history, raucous nightlife and incredible food. It seems to be unlike any other city I’ve ever visited before. I want to tango in the streets, drink authentic Malbec and discover more about the amazing Eva Peron. 

buenos aires

Nashville – As a huge country music lover, Music City is one of my dream places to visit. I’d love to go to the CMA Festival, the Grand Ole Opry and the infamous Bluebird Cafe. Watching my favourite band, Kings of Leon, in their hometown would be pretty special too.


Mykonos – I have been to a fair few Greek Islands over the last few years and loved every single one of them, and the next on my list is definitely Mykonos. Sun, sea, countless beach parties and unlimited amounts of Tzatziki – what more could you want from a holiday?


Las Vegas – A bit of an obvious choice for many but I really, really want to go to Las Vegas. It just screams ‘fun’ to me and so I want the complete Vegas experience; go out, gamble, party and wake up married (although I probably shouldn’t tell my boyfriend that one just yet!) 


So what’s on your travel bucket-list? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Tweet me at @rsweeneyx


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