My ‘Binge-Watching’ Plans

With only one week left of second year at University, I am planning a total three-month relaxation this summer, before I head back for nine months of dissertations, deadlines and an eventual graduation job-search. Among my numerous holiday and festival plans (and the occasional bit of work!) I plan to do some serious binge-watching. There are so many greats box sets out there calling my name and after a seriously busy year of university, working, interning, blogging etc. I am certainly ready for some chill time. Here are a few shows that I am determined to make my way through this summer. I’m also open to any suggestions, so feel free to leave a comment. 

Riverdale – I watched the first episode of this a few weeks ago but, due to a sheer lack of time, haven’t managed to continue watching. I really enjoyed the pilot and it certainly looks very ‘me’ so it’s the first on my list for this summer. I’ve also heard a lot of great things about it and managed to rope my boyfriend into watching the first episode and he appeared to not hate it (yay, for me!) so I’m hoping it’ll be something we can watch together.


Homeland – My mum is completely and utterly in love with this show and has demanded that I watch it at the next available opportunity.  I’m a big Clare Danes fan and, whilst I know very little about the show, I do know that there’s quite a few hotties among the cast. It looks like such an interesting and informative show that seems very relevant to the world we live in today. I hope it lives up to its hype.


Pretty Little Liars – I have been obsessed with this show since Season One. I simply love it, however it’s one of those shows that I hate watching week-on-week and so I haven’t watched any of the second half of season 7. I want to wait until just before the last episode airs and binge-watch them all in a day – I can’t take the suspense otherwise. I’m sure it’ll be a glorious ending to a complete phenomenon (for the most part, anyway.) 


A Series of Unfortunate Events – This was one of my favourite book sets as a teenager so when I heard that Netflix were adapting them for a new TV series, I was incredibly excited. I’ve heard mixed reviews on the show and I think that is one of the reasons why I have put off watching it before now. However, a lot of people have told me that it remains faithful to the original books, which is exactly what I wanted from the show, and so makes me very happy to finally watch it for myself this summer.


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